Wayfinding Strategy Workshop

Wayfinding strategy workshops are a way for you to set out on your technical journey in the right direction. Our goal is to provide you with the confidence and clarity to move forward with the implementation of your goals.

Now Available for booking for November 2023 and beyond

What’s included

  • A preliminary survey to evaluate your requirements, priorities, and limitations
  • An one-hour workshop devoted to addressing your unique goals and challenges
  • A comprehensive report featuring meticulous research and recommendations, outlining three viable pathways for progress

Illustrative Scenarios

  • Navigating the selection of an optimal collection management system tailored to your needs and budget
  • Understanding for how to connect different software systems into a cohesive workflow
  • Crafting a strategy to manage data that has outgrown the capacities of SQL or other tools

The Workflow

Upon confirming your session, you’ll receive a survey beforehand. This survey primes our discussion, enabling us to make the most of our collaborative time.

Throughout our exploratory session, we’ll delve into what prompted your current issues, your focal points, constraints, and other pertinent aspects. Notably, our conversation will solely revolve around gathering insights – no immediate recommendations will be provided during the call.

Following the session, expect a detailed report within about a week. This report will encompass three potential avenues forward, amalgamating insights from your survey, our session, internal expertise, and any supplementary research.

Our Wayfinding Workshop acts as a springboard for conquering substantial technical challenges.


This service costs one flat transparent fee of $2400.

Each session accommodates a maximum of two participants from your organization. We can center our focus on a specific issue or adopt a broader perspective to comprehend the entire landscape. Should your project involve extensive analysis, more stakeholders, additional time, multiple challenges, and/or heightened research needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be pleased to provide a tailored estimate.

Reach Out

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