ashley blewer Ashley Blewer

Ashley (she/her) is an archivist, educator, and software engineer. She specializes in time-based media preservation, digital repository management, infrastructure/community building, computer-to-human interpretation, and teaching technical concepts. She has worked for MediaArea, Artefactual Systems Inc., New York Public Library, and University of South Carolina Moving Image Research Collections, for small archives collections, and in the private sector. As an educator, Ashley has taught information technology fundamentals at Pratt Institute, led several half-day workshops on MediaConch and QCTools, led multi-day events focused on the Archivematica digital preservation software, and given dozens of educational conference presentations on audiovisual technology. Ashley is the author of the Illustrated Guide to Media Formats series and the Managing Director at Formatting Press. She is an active contributor to many open source software and resources for audiovisual preservation. You can chat with her on Mastodon.

rory sawyer Rory Sawyer

Rory (he/him) is a pragmatic and empathetic software engineer who loves making technology and data accessible to all. Over the eight years of his career he has had the opportunity to work on large-scale data pipelines, REST APIs, and developer tooling. Throughout this time he has been involved in the full software development lifecycle, including all the bits of maintenance work that come with it, such as writing documentation, setting up CI/CD pipelines, testing, maintenance, and on-call rotations.